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Book Bundle: Books 1-3 & Free Stickers

Book Bundle: Books 1-3 & Free Stickers

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Buy all three Alottabotz books for 20% off, and get a free sticker sheet! This bundle includes:

The Botshop:
In the robot world of the Alottabotz, a boy named Tim has just moved from Tinkertown to Cyberland City with his family. They have moved in with Tim's maternal grandfather. Tim is struggling to adjust—he is lonely and bored. When his grandbot suggests he make a friend, Tim doesn't suspect that they will actually build one in Grandbot's workshop! Together they craft a mechanical puppy. "Making friends" takes on a whole new meaning.

Marvellous Things:
For years, there have been no pets in Cyberland City. When Tim's grandbot makes him a mechanical dog, the neighbours are delighted. All of the children in the town now want a pet, too. With the support of the local recycling depot, and some extra helping hands, Gramps creates mechanical pets for everyone—and they are big success. The mayor gets wind of the fun and decides to celebrate the new pets. A fair is organized and everyone comes to a big celebration.

A Dog With No Name:
Timbot loves the new puppy that his Grandbot built for him, but he can’t decide what to name him. When the dog runs off, Tim is unable to call him back since the dog doesn’t have a name. While the dog is off having a grand adventure, Tim tries to find his pet before he gets into trouble, but he’s too late. With Grandbot’s quick thinking, they are able to find the dog and bring him home safely. And, in the end, Tim comes up with the perfect name!

Each book is:
Signed by Lynn!
20.4 x 20.4 x 0.4 cm,  8 x 8 x 1/8 inches
32 pages

Love Alottabotz? Take them along with you wherever you go with a sheet of ten colourful vinyl stickers featuring Timbot, Dogbot, and other robot characters from the neighbourhood.

The sticker sheet is:
15 x 10 cm,  6 7/8 x 3 15/16 inches

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